First off, thank you all for the birthday messages, they really made my day!

Secondly, thanks to all of your encouragement I've finally sought out some professionals to help me figure out what flavor of mental ailments I suffer from. My first meeting with my Psychologist was wonderful, and I look forward to going back. However, my first meeting with my psychiatrist was kind of offputting and I was curious whether my experience was typical:

My appointment was meant to be an initial assessment, and so I was placed in a room with an ancient man with a thick Iranian accent who asked me a bunch of questions that all felt very leading. In fact, I basically felt like he was trying to steer me toward admitting I had bipolar symptoms. And, who knows...maybe I have bipolar disorder. However, it seemed really quick out of the gate that he was already trying to fit me into that box. I also felt like his reaction faces to my answers to questions about alcohol and birth control were kind of judgey. His final response was a little confusing. Something about me having a mood disorder or him "not being convinced" that I had a mood disorder. He did give me a prescription for zoloft to pair with my bupropion, and told me to come back in 10 days and report on my moods. I don't know you guys, I left my meeting with my Psychologist feeling that she "got" me (she said she felt like I have disthymia and maybe some ADD) and left my appointment with the Psychiatrist feeling like he didn't get a clear picture, and focused on the wrong things. I want to trust that he, as a medical professional with a wall of diplomas, knows what he's doing but I just feel skeptical. Is this a typical experience with psychiatrists? Should I just trust that he's doing his thing? What have your experiences with psychiatrists been like? Are they always cold and clinical? Or have you felt like they listened to you and understood what was going on? I just don't know if I'm approaching this process wrong, or my experience just wasn't a great one.