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Thanksgiving movie recommendation - House of Yes

As is apt to happen to me when I start discussing movies, someone posts about Hollywood ruining a series of vampire books that I'm only vaguely aware of and the next thing you know I realize I haven't watched House of Yes in maybe a decade despite it being a Thanksgiving classic. And so I checked, and it happens to be on Netflix (US) streaming.


So for those of you who think your family is the worst as well as those of you who simply like twisted indy films from the 90s (an excellent decade for independent films), I recommend you check it out this holiday weekend.

On Thanksgiving Day, 1983, student Marty Pascal (Josh Hamilton) brings his fiancée, Lesly (Tori Spelling), home to his family's McLean, Virginia estate to meet them for the first time. Marty is obviously nervous and hesitant about the impending introduction of his future wife to his family; he has informed them that he is bringing a guest but without any further details.

Marty's family prepares both for his arrival and for an impending hurricane. Marty's twin sister Jacqueline (Parker Posey), recently released from a psychiatric hospital, is ecstatic about his arrival, until she is informed that a "friend" is accompanying Marty.


Anyone else have any Thanksgiving movie recommedations?

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