Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

For supporting me with this shit going on at work. My job is hard, I am good at it, and my colleagues think I don't do shit. No matter how hard I try I can't shake my anger and frustration and sadness at them. My boss is the biggest culprit - because he doesn't take juvenile court seriously, neither does anyone else.

I hate being thought of as a slacker who takes sick days willy-nilly so that I can...do what? Sit in here and get cabin fever and inconvenience colleagues on purpose? I have a chronic illness that flares up during the spring. I have barely left my house (outside of going to work) in 2 months. I am on my fourth round of steroids, third of antibiotics. You can imagine how fantastic I feel mainlining those drugs and the Klonopin that keeps me from going insane. Super, super fucking depressed. I can barely read or watch documentaries anymore. I'm just dwelling on how hated I am at my job and how stuck I feel. I'm reaching out to people I know to try and get something else, but it's slow going and openings are rare.


Does it get better? I am happy to be employed, but damn, the price I pay is a little large. I was in pretty serious psychological distress the last couple of days.

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