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Thanks, and a request

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you who talked me down from my freak out the other day. Finding out that you can't trust the man you share your whole life with sucks, and each new thing that brings that point home again is a new trauma. I very much appreciated all of the advice and kind words. You helped me organize my thoughts, so when I spoke with my brother last night I was able to actually be coherent and start forming a plan. On monday, my children are leaving on a jet plane (but I do know when they'll be back again) to visit my parents. So I'm not making any moves until they're safely out of the state. And I feel much less loser-y about that now.


As for a request: Is there any way to look at my husband's profile on our computer without his knowledge? He has it password protected, but my profile is the one with system admin powers. He has blocked me from his facebook account, so I'm really wanting to know what he's doing that he is so keen to make sure I don't know about. Clearly, he's up to something.

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