(which also doubles as the title of a Wes Anderson movie I would watch)

You guys, Groupthink really is great. At 2:30 in the morning last night, I posted frantically about my dog getting hurt and had like 10 lovely, reasonable, well informed calming replies in minutes. I'm kind of delirious because I didn't really sleep last night, but you guys are seriously the best at everything.

I woke up this morning and the puppy seemed WAY better - she was putting weight on her foot and moving around almost back to normal. I almost didn't take her to the vet at all since she was so much better, figuring it was a sprain or twist or some such thing that was good on it's own, but she was still pulling up her little paw every now and then and I thought better safe than sorry.

Which turned out to be a good thing! According to the vet, it looks like she actually tweaked her back, and had likely slipped or damaged a disc - she was likely still in a lot of pain even though she was moving around okay, and the doctor said this is the kind of thing that if you deal with really, really vigilantly the first time it happens, then it's far less likely to happen again, but that they see all the time people ignoring the first few minor instances because the dog seems to recover, and then it becomes a chronic issue - especially in dogs of her size - and requires surgery, etc.

So my little girl is on exercise restriction for a month - which will be insanely difficult. No jumping, no running, shorter walks, no wrestling, all of which are things she spends about 75% of her time doing. She's got doggie advil and doggie muscle relaxers, since last time they tried to put her on doggie vicodin after a surgery she got sick off of it. Mostly it's one of those things where even after she seems like she's fine and doing well to still restrict her movement and be really over-concerned so that it's less likely to happen again.


Again, thank you guys so much - this is probably the best little corner of the internet I've ever found.