Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Thanks everybody

Just wanted to say thanks for all your input on my work advice post. Things got totally nuts both at work and home the same day I posted it, so I haven’t gotten around to responding. Sorry. I’ll try to get around to everyone soon here. Anyway, I really appreciate all the advice and it’s made my next moves clearer. I have a new employee in my department who is working out swimmingly, so that eases my fears about losing this other person. My problem child is aware that it’s high time to shape up or ship out; she can either create a niche for herself doing (well) what she’s capable of, or she needs to start looking elsewhere. Now that I’ve got my new powerhouse, I can make room on the team for someone who strictly makes batters, cookie doughs, and the like while the rest of us put our energy into more involved product. Things might just work out!


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