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I got so many responses to my earlier post regarding eating out on Thanksgiving I just wanted to tell you all thank you. The general consensus was that eating out was totally fine, so that's what I was going to do. However, while researching places to eat I discovered that Whole Foods was selling prepared takeout for 2 for 40 bucks. Despite the fact that I avoid Whole Foods because of their hypocrisy and prices I decided to do that, but then when I decided to stop by my local grocery to buy mac and cheese (because that wasn't included) I discovered that you could just buy turkey breast and cook it yourself. So now I'm cooking more food for half the price. Haha!

I'm a little annoyed at my sister's apathy over the whole thing*, but oh well. I'll probably spend Tuesday and Wednesday cooking so when she comes in I don't have to argue with her about the proper way to cook things.

*She's gotten better but she's still a notoriously picky eater who "whatevers" everything when I ask what she prefers. Then if she doesn't like it she'll leave it untouched and give this stony faced look like she's trying really hard to hide how much she hates it. If you ask her and she likes it she'll shrug and say "whatever, it was fine." It drives me nuts!

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