My post from yesterday is deleted, but I really appreciate everybody’s helpful input. In case you were wondering, I called firm 1 (the lower offer and not in my field) and declined their offer - it was awkward, but they were very nice about it. Firm 2 has given me about two weeks to respond to their offer, so I am waiting to hear back from two more places I’d had ongoing interviews with and whom I told I needed to hear back from. But I’m about 95% certain I’m going to be accepting firm 2’s offer and I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED. Did I mention they’re letting me put off my start date until August because I have an aunt getting married abroad at the end of July? Which means I have three whole months between graduation and starting during which I’m going to travel, and exercise, and make art and take an online class in a subject that is tangential to what I went to school for but I’ve never actually taken and will help me with my new job and I’m so excited! And the Constable is 90% sure he’s going to travel with me this summer and come meet my family and I've never even had a friend that could come and meet that entire side of my family so it's going to be so cool!