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I start TODAY, right after work. I’m in total disbelief. The woman I spoke to Tuesday (at the place whose apprentice just quit) called me yesterday, a few hours before I’d planned to go in an try to catch the owner, telling me he was there and I should come in even sooner if I could. I zipped over and he sat me right down. Wasn’t nearly as scary of a conversation as I thought it would be. He took a look at my stuff, made sure my expectations were in check as far as all the underling work goes (I’m so ready for it!), and asked when I could start. No red flags that I noticed, the shop is pretty well established as far as I know and the work is beautiful.

I don’t think my feet touched the ground all the way home. I know apprenticeships are hard to come by and I was prepared to write tattooing off as a pipe dream and move forward in a safer field, because I couldn’t afford to put off going back to school or some other smart career move for two more years to knock on doors in the hopes I’d finally land one. But I did, and it’s starting, and I have this impossibly lucky chance to do this thing I’ve always longed to fill my time with. I feel like I’ve been thrown a lifesaver.


It’s going to be hard, long hours, doing the bidding of occasionally moody people, but I know I can take it. It’ll be so worth it. And I’m honestly thrilled that I’ll be busy, challenged, stimulated again, back to squeezing in writing and leisure when I can again, rather than the constant feeling that I’m piddling away all my free time, getting nowhere.

IM JUST SO EXCITED. Thanks again for all the good luck, crossed finger, and positive vibes. Ahh!!

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