Well...I posted about making bagels the other day, and was a little disapointed that no one answered, but, hey, not the most exciting/tittilating/rage-inducing topic, so I didn't think much of it. I just opened up GT on my computer for the first time in weeks (I mainly use my phone for fun interneting these days) and had like fifteen notifications. I click and notice that quite a few people commented, and now I feel like a jerk for meeting all you lovely people who commented in radio silence. I swear I didn't know!!!

That said, I made my first attempt at sourdough with the starter I've been working on for a week, and it turned out pretty awesome:

It's dense and spongey inside, with a nice thick crust. There is just a hint of sourdough taste, since my starter is pretty new (note, since it's basically like having a pet—considering I have to feed it twice a day—I've named it Harvey) but I feel pretty good about it for my first attempt!


What are you guys baking/cooking this weekend?

Update: In case you want them, here are the recipes I used for my starter and the bread. Note, I used half white and half whole wheat flour with added vital wheat gluten, rather than bread flour. Also, the bread recipe asks for about a cup and a half of flour (or at least that was my calculation. I'm used to measuring by cups) but my dough was about the consistency of pancake batter, so I added in around another cup of flour—until it was was somewhere between pancake dough and what I would normally expect bread dough to look like (the recipe says it will be wetter than your typical bread dough) and it worked out very well.