Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Thanks for nothing.

Coworker from whom I requested an email on Friday because I needed to send something out to a bunch of people, including my boss, for shooting me that addy at 10pm on fucking Sunday. I'm too drunk to trust myself to do it NOW. Also, it's fucking Sunday!


You guys have a good weekend? Random shit was closed. I was getting Red Bulls at a gas station and noticed that In-N-Out was closed, but that makes sense because they are Christian as fuck. But then people told me Target was closed. Target???? Also Michaels. Somehow that is less surprising because crafts.

I had a panic attack in a grocery store parking lot this afternoon, complete with lobster claw hands and puking all over myself. So, I'm ready for Monday. Fuck it. I need a cookie.

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