I've been telling everyone I know who wears glasses and NONE OF THEM KNEW! I'm quite the evangelist as it turns out, everyone must be converted! Since I'm waiting impatiently for my new glasses to arrive I figured I'd mitigate my all consuming speculation about when my glasses are going to come by sharing my picks with you lovely folks (seriously, it's all I can think about)!

So, I started out at Warby Parker, since I wanted something a little more fashion-y and now (and it mitigated the fact that I bought three dirt cheap pairs from Zenni Optical which were surely made in sweat shop conditions, I mean, that was my rationalization and it's working). I present to you the Theo in Blue Marblewood:

I wanted a neutral pair with a little pizazz. They're a simple shape and are definitely not the ones I expected to pick out of the five pairs I chose for my at home try on, but I have a wide nose that needs to be accommodated and sometimes it makes my choices for me. I did learn things, though. Like I can't do this bridge shape:


... because it was uniformly awful and wasn't wide enough for my nose even though the measurements imply that it should be. Liars. I will say, though, that Warby Parker somehow missed my email with the pic of my Rx. That caused a delay, so I gave them a call so I could make sure everything was cool and they gave me 10% off for their error without any fuss from me! I'm a sucker for good customer service and they have it. They also reimburse you for any sizing or adjustments that you need to have done. I'm sold.

I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I got three pairs from Zenni Optical (which has reviews that I found extremely helpful). But two of them are practical and all four pairs cost me less than I've ever paid for one pair and they all have anti-reflective coating, a luxury that I've never sprung for before. Here's my colorful, fun pair:


Purple! I'm pretty pumped about it.

Here are the ones I got tinted for sunglasses. Zenni actually offers a lot of options for sunglasses. Any frame can be made into sunnies and you can do a simple tint (in five or six different colors at 10%, 50%, and 80%) for only $5, or get polarized lenses (more expensive, but still much cheaper than other options), or Transitions, or Coppertones. You can even add a mirror finish (in three different colors, natch) for that intimidating cop look. Lots of option. Anyway, here they are:


Cat eye FTW! I got an 80% PURPLE tint. I'm very pumped.

Last, but not least, I got a pair with a 10% yellow tint to cut down eye strain while I'm crafting:


They call it tortoise shell but I call it Dalmatian.

As for returns, WP gives you a full, no questions asked refund, but Zenni only gives you store credit (I assume because of the obscenely low prices, the three frames and lens add ons averaged to $25/ea with shipping). I went nuts you guys. I justify it by having not bought new glasses for four years. I should be getting them all this week, I'll let everyone know about the quality.