Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Thanks For The Awesome Hints, Hivemind!

For those who don't remember, I asked for awesome places to go in NYC on friday.


Although I didn't get to respond promptly, since I was there, I read the whole thing at the airport! I officially have enough stuff to do until the US gets sick of my face and revokes my visa.

The stuff I've done might contain, but it's not probably restricted to:

  • Running on Central Park
  • Watching Once (the musical)
  • Going for a fancy dinner, becoming friends with the waiter, ordering lobster and having him get the biggest one, 'cause we are homies. I ATE THE KRAKEN.
  • Being sick on all that butter sauce.
  • Brunch. Oh my god, the privileges of being in a couple. I missed brunch.
  • And other good things, like seeing friends and the OakenBigSister, who also lives there.


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