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Thanks For the Foot Advice, But...

So, my feet are actually ok at this job. I'm not surprised; I knew they'd swing back eventually, it's just that having been out of work for eight months meant it took a little adjustment time. I do have a blister that gets worse as the day goes on, but it recedes every night after I go to bed; I know it's there right now, but it won't start bothering me for 3-4 work hours, at least. So my feet are fine, and although I appreciate the sentiment behind everyone's advice, basically all of it was focused around my feet, which are a minor concern at worst.

What I'm wondering is, what the hell do I do about my hand? It's not as bad as it was last night, when even moving my index finger was painful and my knuckles were cracking every time I moved my fingers, but it's still sore and tight as hell. I tried icing it, and I guess that helped a bit, and I'm going to be riding the Excedrin train earlier than usual these two days, but beyond that I'm out of ideas.

I have a 12-8:30 tonight followed by a 7-3:30 tomorrow morning. The 7-3:30 is actually the one that concerns me far less — I'm the only prep cook on that day, and it means that if I fuck up closing tonight, I'm likely the only one who'll know about it. But I'm not sure how well my hand is going to stand up to this, particularly since I'm fully expecting to have to do three batches of chicken salad and three boxes of chickens (the things that cause my hand to get all mangled, although thankfully each affects a different part of my hand) instead of two and two today.

Does anyone have any ideas here beyond "get another job," "take drugs," and "ice your hand some more?"

ETA: Ok, the issue with my hand is two-fold: the bottom part hurts because a significant portion of my job involves chopping cooked chicken apart for chicken salad (as well as onions and celery), and the top part hurts because the other significant portion of my job involves using scissors to clean and truss chickens for rotisserie. My index finger, meanwhile, hurts because of both of these things.

The only part of my hand that doesn't hurt is my thumb, which is no surprising — years of video gaming have left my thumb freakstrong, and there's basically nothing that could hurt it at this point.


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