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thanks for the hand-holding earlier, everyone

i needed it. a good friend came over and she and i cleaned the hell out of my living room, and even dug my rug out of the basement and put it down. i had some chocolate. i snuggled my kitty. i've calmed down considerably. i stopped answering my mother's texts, which also helped a lot. i talked to my sister briefly and reiterated my "you're an adult, act like it, even if she doesn't" point and it didn't become a "thing".

part of why i freaked out so bad is because i am STRESSED right now. apparently, the electricians complained to management about the "mess" of my house and the phrase "living in squalor" was used. is my place messy? yes. disorganized? yes. squalorous? no. i sweep every day, i clean up spills, the cat box is clean, the dishes are done, etc. i just have 6 people and a hell of a lot of "stuff" in a relatively small apartment. there are still a few piles of boxes and stuff from the move, and the laundry pile is somewhat out of control, but really, it's not that bad.

so now i have to deal with an inspection on Tuesday "to ensure the health and safety of all residents", which means that i get to spend the rest of the weekend cleaning like a madwoman, because if there is a speck of dust or a crumb, they will come down on me like a ton of bricks. the joys of living in subsidized housing *sigh*


but anyway, thank you all for your support during my freakout over my mother earlier. i really, really appreciated it!

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