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Welcome To The Bitchery

You guys, I was so disheartened after the epic queerfail on the Macklemore article, but then you guys were calling it out and everything and I started to feel my faith returning. <3


ETA explanation (copypasta from my comment):

The comments are horrible. There are multiple comments saying that Callie is just misreading it and the lyrics are actually ok, and they are crazy popular; one has 187 recs, another has 50 and says that Callie's just making shit up and stirring shit. (No. Callie's listening to actual queers who have voiced discomfort with the song, and especially Macklemore's acceptance speech and how he didn't let Lambert speak, multiple times.) There's one by a known MRA equating a straight guy speaking for all the the gay community, with a gay guy speaking for all of the gay community, and it is 2 away from 100 recs. There's a couple about how hard it is to be an ally, one going so far as to call it "ally-bashing", and they have 114, 97, and 31 recs, respectively; another calls it "digging deep to make up petty issues and cause drama" that has 21 recs, because talking about cultural appropriation as it relates to queers IS "petty" and "drama". But the vast, vast majority of the comments are all about finding some way to make Macklemore ok, or make it about how hard it is for allies and shut down queers, and they're getting tons of support.

And then there's the bi women saying it's cool. So, look, I'm a bi woman, and I absolutely include all of those commenters in the community, though I agree that if you're not out to most people and you look like a normie and you've never been in a relationship with a woman, you don't get much of the oppression and you don't go through the experiences that flesh it out into an identity and create larger world view shifts the same way. But all of those bi women were totally awesome about acknowledging that! I do not begrudge LeComtesse or yvanehtnioj or Sylphides their voices; they absolutely get an opinion on this.

But what I do begrudge is how widely popular their absolution is, compared to lesbian FishnetsFriday's comment on how, no, Macklemore is fucking up and he could be better and her brilliant comment on the Good Queer/Angry Queer issue. Yes, biphobia is a big problem, no, Gaga and Ke$ha and bi women even if they've never been with a woman shouldn't be kicked out of the community, but if the way you're being an ally is to find a few bi women who haven't been with women who will tell you it's cool, while ignoring the voices of lesbians, while ignoring the voices of those who are more out and have been with women and do experience more oppression and are more involved with the queer community, oh, man, are you fucking up. That's the equivalent of "my black best friend says it's cool that I say this racial slur."

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