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Thanks guys

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the words of support you guys offered me this weekend on this post . I'm sorry I did not get to respond directly to any of you. We were busy and not really in a private area and I was just concentrating on acting like everything was just peachy. I'm home now, which is a relief. But my poor husband is sick in bed with either food poisoning or a bad Crohn's flair up. Blergh. Just trying to concentrate on work and hoping that enough time passes between the next time I see my mother so I can release some of this anger I have. I will never make the mistake of opening up to anyone in my family like that again. It's funny, because my mother will complain that I am so distant and closed off but it's their fault. Both of my parents talk around everything. We are all expected to just be happy and act like all is well, no matter what. Talk of anything unpleasant is swiftly squelched always, always, always. So if that's how it is, then you can't expect or relationship to be open and close. I can't be close with you if I have to edit my life to make it acceptably pleasant when it isn't. It's just depressing.


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