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Thanks, guys

I want to thank everyone for all of their support a few nights ago. I busted my ass and have completed 2 out of 4 tasks for my CalTPAs and I am well on my way towards finishing the 3rd.

I took a break yesterday to spend time with my husband. We made dinner together and stayed up and talked about my dad.

Also, my friend owns a new coffee shop nearby. It’s nice to just be able to take my laptop over and work while getting to spend some time with my oldest friend. We take breaks and talk about stupid crap we did together when we were young. It’s nice.


How’s everyone? I would Groupdrink, but I only have whisky. Whisky and schoolwork do not mix for me.

ETA: The grief thing is still there, but I’m taking everyone’s advice and just powering though it until I’ve graduated.

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