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Thanks, mods!

So lately I've been busy with my end-of-marking period teaching schedule, trying to put my life back together after a pretty grueling series of family shitstorms, and knitting/crocheting everything under the sun (you fuckers at kinja Making got me addicted!), with the end result that I haven't been on here very much. Tonight I somehow stumbled onto the boob twerking post on the mainpage that is just fucking overrun by disgusting dudes literally calling her a whore on the very article about how she's getting called a whore, and it made me want to throw my computer at a wall and take a shower. But then I remembered that there is a reason I never go to the mainpage and there is a lovely refuge from all that shit (mostly!) and it is GT. And it is so lovely due to our wonderful mods. So thanks, guys, for giving me a place to read about soup and dogs and scarves and race and politics while blissfully free from dickholes. You're the best.


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