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I Don't Need to Be Taken Care Of, and Don't Minimize My Feelings

My mom can be so insensitive. We were talking about the LM situation and she said I am not really that hurt, and I need to get out and date because I'm getting older (I'm 21!!!!!!) so I shouldn't close off on dating opportunities. I am in love with LM and though we never dated, what happened still hurt. But to my mom is does not matter since we weren't a couple. As a person with CP she says I need to be taken care of.

Well FUCK THAT. I am not ready to date. I am hurting (though I am feeling better!) and I need to surround myself with friends and laughs.

I am sick of the notion that because I am a disabled woman, I need a partner to care for me. I will be honest and say that I will need help my whole life. I'm not "that disabled". I can do many things alone, but I'll always need help to shower. (Please be respectful of that fact or I will dismiss the hell out of you.) but that's what personal care workers are for, and that's what I have in the city.


Mom raised me to be smart and independent. It would be nice if she followed through on that mentality. I will get out there when I want to, and not to find a male nurse.

Somebody tell me I'm making sense.

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