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So my coworker, who is a woman in her 60s, does this annoying thing. In our office, if a patient has to sign a consent form, she's the one who brings it out and informs the patient about what the paperwork says and where to sign and date. And if the patient forgets the date, sometimes my coworker adds on, "And who's the president of the United States? Or would you not like to be reminded of that?" in the most "ugh, OBAMA!" tone possible, all while eyerolling.

It's. So. Fucking. Annoying. And unprofessional, to be honest. But my boss never says anything, so I'm guessing it's no problem to her either. Whatever. I just think that it's rude to assume that the person you're speaking to is going to lean the same way politically as you do. I refuse to talk politics at my current workplace, so I don't say anything to her about stopping because it's not in my power to do so, and doing so in front of a patient is kind of shit-stirring.


But anyway, YESTERDAY, this patient comes in who is in her late 20s or possibly 30. She got laid off from a bank job a few months ago and is still looking for a new job. So when she signed the consent form and my coworker said that "do you want to be reminded of who's the president?" thing, this lady was all, "UGH, NO! Don't even remind me of that!" Eh, FUCK YOU lady. I rolled my eyes (but not really...just in my mind). And then my coworker follows up with a quick comment about the Golden Age of Reagan. I was like, "WUT? O_O It's two-thousand-freaking-fourteen!" Oh also: my coworker's husband is an avid Fox News watcher, so go figure.

There's nothing wrong with criticizing the president or disagreeing with him. But it's completely inappropriate to talk about these things in a professional setting like that when you don't even know if the patient would be offended or not! Also, you seem like a fucking petulant child, and you're a good 40 years older than me! Just STAHP!

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