Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have this new line right by my eyebrow. It seems to have some from burrowing my eyebrows. Last night, I woke up and realized I am doing that in my sleep - my face is stress-scrunching in my sleep. Thanks, Obama. If you had only declared yourself President for Life, this wouldn’t have happened. If you had only refused to accept the vote and declared Hillary the winner, this wouldn’t have happened. The least you could do is “lose” Trump and Pence tomorrow when they come to visit the White House.

Feel free to blame anything and everything bad in your life on other people here, cuz blaming others for things going wrong in our lives seems to be the new American way.


I’m trying to make this a little funny and provide a space for stupid whining about inane things to lighten my headspace a bit - is that coming across? I’m so gutted, and when I am this unhappy, what I think is mildly amusing doesn’t always come across that way.

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