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Thanks, Obamas...

... a short & simple love letter.

For leaving this country infinitely better than you found it 8 years ago & for looking the Orange Precipice of Doom in the face and not punching it; instead, being the voice of reason & optimism tempered with A+ shade, graciously trying to show him the magnitude of this responsibility. I’m mourning your departure.

For agreeing to go on that fantastic journey with your husband, partner, father of your children & best friend. For putting aside your own dreams to follow one together. We will not see the likes of you anytime soon & history will be good to you. As has been said, we didn’t deserve you.


For being shiny, sunny little people who grew in to evergreen trees. Your future is whatever you want it to be. And again, we didn’t deserve you, but we will be rooting for you all the days of your lives. We will miss you the most.

Who’s a good pair of doggies??? YOU’RE a good pair of doggies!

I’m so fucking weepy. Wanna join me in this love letter?

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