Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for all of your kind words and support. I've never been this open about just exactly how I am struggling and writing that piece was both the hardest thing I've ever done and an unbelievable cathartic release for both the Captain and me.

I'm taking a few days to step back a bit because some of the comments about me personally or about how my husband should leave me were...well, that's the trolls' problem to deal with that much hate, but I know it's not something I need to see or read right now. Most everything derogatory about me personally or my marriage has already been dismissed.

I welcome discussions on addiction and addiction recovery, but I think my ability to engage thoughtfully in those conversations is going to take a few days.

Much love to the community, as always. All of you have helped give me the courage and strength to talk about such terrible parts of my life, and to start moving beyond them.