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Thanks to Everyone for Being so Supportive Last Night...

I was in a bad place yesterday, and you guys were great and made me realize I was not off-base in wanting MisterHavana to talk to me on a holiday and we talked on the phone today and he admitted he was wrong. He then proceeded to come and see me tonight and take me out to a lovely dinner and we had the best time! Seriously, we went to a wine bar and had a cheese and charcuterie plate and dessert and the winez and I know why I love him...he was genuinely apologetic for hurting me and you guys gave me the strength to stand my ground and not let him off the hook... thank you for that... it went swimmingly! He's been so attentive today and he seems to really understand why I was upset... I think I will hang on to this cutie... he really seems like he wants to make me happy.. love to all of the Grouthinkers who had supportive words to me... you guys are the best!


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