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Thanks, universe

I’m gonna lose my shit, y’all. I got my first test round of nerve block injections Friday, and it seems promising. Unfortunately, one of the nurses made a little oopsie and scrubbed one side of my neck with an agent to which I am highly allergic. Another nurse had just the minute prior read off my allergy list, including this shit, to inform everyone. The nurse realized her mistake quickly and they wiped me down with baby wipes, but no one ever actually told me what happened. They also didn’t tell my mother-who was waiting in the lobby-as is, I have now learned, their protocol. I went under sedation immediately after and was still barely coherent when I left, so I didn’t get a chance to address it that day. In my hazy state, I forgot for a while. I’d hoped the exposure was brief enough it wouldn’t be a problem, but sure as shit here I am broken out in a gross, itchy, painful rash that Benadryl and cortisone don’t touch. I’ve barely slept since it cropped up Saturday, and when I do I wake myself up scratching. I can’t bandage it to keep my nails off because I’ll react to any adhesive I use at this point. I’ve had two conversations with people from the office this morning (because of course I had to wait all weekend) which both basically boiled down to “we feel real bad, sorry”. Oh, and my favorite, “this is certainly a learning experience”. Great. Thanks. I don’t know what I expected, or what they could even do to compensate, but “our bad” just isn’t doing it for me. I am full of impotent rage and all I want to do is scream. I haven’t had this severe a reaction since the one nine years ago that left my arm scarred. It’s triggering memories and deeply buried emotions from one of the most painful, frightening times in my life. I had nightmares about it every time I managed to fall asleep last night. Right now I’m waiting for another call back to see if the doctor approved a prescription cream; hopefully that will do some good.

Small update: Just got a call asking me to come in and see the doctor who performed the procedure. Managed to arrange a ride because I’m in no shape to drive. We’ll see what happens.


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