Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Thanks Universe (Whine, whine, whine)

You guys, I’m pretty sure the universe is either upset with me or testing my limits right now. Because fucking shit man.

My old job was having liquidity issues, I still haven’t been paid my last paycheck, and rent is fucking due. I’ve been working the delivery gig, which is usually much better money than desk jobs I can get in the area and is cash in hand daily, and trying to dig myself out of this stupid hole. It’s been tiring, but good. It’s been every day, 10 hour days, but, seriously, the gig isn’t as demanding as it sounds. I was starting to get optimistic.


Until tonight, when I tripped down a single step in an unlit area and fucked up my foot. Badly it seems. It’s swollen. It’s sore. It’s definitely not my ankle and I don’t think anything is broken, thankfully. One of the people I worked with was all “I’ve done that, it’s a tendon/soft tissue damage, and it’s gonna suck.” So no work tomorrow. I need to. I’m icing and adviling and elevating, and hopefully it will suck less by Wednesday. But I can’t afford to be off my feet. This shit fucking sucks. Oh and it’s the worst day of my period too.

It’s really shitty when you’re trying to power through a rough patch and the universe just says, hahahahahhahaha, fuck you.

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