Not that it's over. You guys were so great yesterday encouraging me! I did get some stuff done, namely laundry at Mom's (it's still sitting in the bag, but it's clean and folded), fresh sheets, a few novel scenes, some work on my appeal assignment, and unloading the dishwasher. I also called a cleaning service to come on Wednesday (found through my neighborhood listserv) for two hours at a good price so I don't have to worry about anything but making the surfaces less cluttered.

One more cleaning spurt is left - and call me a genius, ladies and gents, because I am - I'm making a small list of things to do DURING GOLDEN GLOBES COMMERCIAL BREAKS, which would otherwise be unbearable. One break I'll run out with the trash, one I'll load the dishwasher, one I'll think about putting up my clean clothes and probably not do that. But I wanted to share this brilliant plan with you.

I also finished a book about North Korea and started another one. I am hooked on reading about it. It is now naptime and I'm going to keep on Escape from Camp 14. There was a tangent on another thread about NK books the other day and I bought a couple for the Kindle. :)