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Thanks, you guys!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who offered me kind words and support last night. Sorry if I did not get a chance to respond to some of you directly, we were there until about 9:30 and I had some work to do before bed, as well as today.

I made it through the night okay and was able to get away with eating what I was mostly comfortable with, although my MiL did try to serve me when everyone else served themselves (0f course, because the fact that I was not going to have any pasta doesn't mean I can't just get it myself I guess). And I'm actually glad that I sucked it up because my FiL was very happy to have us all there, hugged me a bajillion times, and said this was the happiest night he had since his accident. So in that respect, I feel like any of my personal discomfort was worth it.


I also had a pretty decent discussion with my husband and he admitted that he let me down in this instance in terms of the fact that he ignored my direct statements of how I was feeling and what I needed. So he agreed to be more accepting of my perspective and running interference for me in the future.

Anyway, thanks again. I love you all! Here's a cute and excited baby elephant that really excels at the art of ribbon dancing for your trouble.

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