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Thanksgiving Anxiety Anyone?

My family no longer celebrates (US) Thanksgiving (lack of interest/people) so I've gotten used to spending Thanksgiving alone in my pajamas eating stuffing, cranberry sauce and ALL the gravy. Ahem, in truth sometimes eating ONLY gravy, but them's the perks of being alone. No one sees you drinking gravy from the pan.

Squalor for life!

But yesterday I was working for my sort of boss and she invited me for Thanksgiving. I politely declined and thought that was the end of it, but she asked me again today and I'm feeling slightly trapped and conflicted. Spending time with her kids would be awesome cause they are hilarious. She and her husband though? More llamas than you can count, and I know each and every one because they overshare. Plus I have major food anxiety and would be in fits about what to eat in public on the day.


I am trying to hold firm and think I'll drop off flowers and homemade sweets the day before as a thanks for the invite. Hopefully she won't hold it against me.

What are your Turkey Day worries/fears/whatevers?

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