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I'm cheating at fudge this year. Yup. Normally I bring cookies everywhere we go, and I planned on making them again even though I no longer get to eat 39 pounds of cookie dough. Way to go guts, way to not enjoy all the delicious things made with gluten. But Big Guy requested fudge. Anyhoo... I used to make fudge on the stovetop with fluff and whatnot, but not this year!

3 cups of chocolate chips
1/2 stick of butter
Can of sweetened condensed milk

That's it! Toss it all in a microwaveable bowl, set the power at 50% and then you're almost done! Stir the mix after one minute increments for 5 minutes total. I added walnuts when it was done. Then pour it into an 8x8 pan lined with parchment paper lightly greased. Toss in fridge or freezer to set. Bam. Fudge. In less than 10 minutes with very little cleanup involved. Easy enough that I could have lil guy in his jumper in the kitchen doorway, have everything made and cleaned up before he lost interest. Awesome.
Now I just need to make mashed sweet taters tomorrow and my own gf gravy to bring to dinner like a weirdo and I'm good to go. Well. After I find something to wear that fits. But that's another story....


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