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Thanksgiving Decompress: Deep, Dark*, Family Secret Revealed

* J/K, it’s hilarious!

So, despite an inauspicious start, Thanksgiving was actually really nice. Our Atheism and liberalness only got mildly thrown in our faces a few more times. But it’s okay. I’m good.

What it comes down to is this: my in-laws just can’t be cool about that. Or the politics. Like, they literally cannot not remark on things so, for instance, when my FIL was saying the blessing, he literally said, “I was going to talk about God but I know not everyone here believes in God so let’s just be thankful for this time together.


*throws hands up* Sure. Fine. You can’t praise God b/c the Atheists ruin it for you. Or something. Whatever.

But! You wanna hear the best part?!

My MIL smokes pot.

I know. This is not remarkable for most people. She is a Baby Boomer, after all. They made it popular. She’s had two knees and a hip replaced. She gets a bimonthly injection in her eyeball. *I know, sorry, here, smelling salts* Like, homegirl should do whatever recreational drugs she wants, you know? No judgment.

But just the same: I cannot stop laughing!

Mr. Nom’s second (third?) cousin’s girlfriend was telling me how they grow their own stuff and offered me some. I politely declined b/c *barf* I hate the smell and have no desire to try it. But, hey, ask me again when I have glaucoma or something. So then she tells me, “You know I bring some for your MIL every year, right?


*screeching breaks... doubled-over laughter*


Well, well, well, my little Foxbot!

Mr. Nom remembers finding his mom’s (and dad’s?) stash and pipe when he was a teen. So, while she may have had some breaks over the years, girlfriend never gave it up.


So... for Christmas, should we get her a fancy bowl or rolling papers?

(Note: It is unclear if FIL is in on this or not. I’ll have to ask second (third?) cousin’s girlfriend next Thanksgiving.)



I may never stop laughing.

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