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Thanksgiving dessert swap

Hey, all! Like many of you I’m distracting myself from the potential horror of this election by immersing myself in other things. I’m cooking 2 different soups tonight, but I’m also noodling around the internet for dessert ideas for Thanksgiving.

I’m cooking the whole dinner again, so I’m only going to make one dessert and let others bring the traditional favorites like pumpkin & apple pie. I’m thinking of making the Mocha Marble Cheesecake found here:


The 14 desserts also include a Sweet Potato Spice Cake (gluten free if you use rice & oat flour) and ginger cookies which are my favorite. I’ll make those at Christmas time.

So, what are you making for Thanksgiving dessert? What is someone bringing to dinner that you can’t wait to eat? need a recipe or have one? Let’s swap!!!

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