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Thanksgiving Emotional Prep

I realized when I read HH’s lovely and practical post that I have very little coordinating to do foodwise, but that my brain immediately went to the emotional prep I needed to do to be ready to deal with.... all the things.

Mine is not too terrible - a lot of it is “anniversary effect” type stuff, of some thanksgivings I’ve had in the past rather than actively bad things. A lot of it is feeling left out or overlooked, like my siblings making plans and I’m an afterthought, or everyone having plans but me. I have some actual trepidations of seeing people (I mean, now I have to stop by the thanksgiving my two siblings planned together and invited me to afterwards, and ugh, I am working through feelings of being an afterthought and changing dynamics). ALSO i am on my stupid period which does not help at allllll.


I’m going to plan to try to do a gratitude meditation; I find those really help.
I’m on a strict diet, but I am going to try to find something that feels like a treat for the day.
I am going to try to spend time outside.
I am going to open a bottle of red wine even though I will not drink it all and not be sad some gets wasted.
I am going to work on a quilt as a gift for someone.
I am going to focus on reality versus my perception and examine negative thoughts.
I am going to be kind to my sisters and grateful to be included, and not childish.
I have a deep breaths mantra when I deal with difficult family members - it’s I will be peaceful, patient, mature, and flexible. I breathe in and say I will be and then breathe out slowly and say peaceful, patient, mature, and flexible.

What are you going to prep for emotionally for your day, GT? Or for after your day, to take care of yourself?  Get your worries and emotional plans out here!

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