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Welcome To The Bitchery

So my sis is coming into town on Thanksgiving, and I was thinking very hard about how to make a traditional dinner for two (or three, as one of my roommates might join us). My dad brought up the idea of us going out to eat instead, and while this sounds like a good idea I'm in a bit of an ethical quandry. Can y'all help me out?

Pros of going out:

  • I have virtually no storage space for Thanksgiving leftovers or perishable ingredients
  • I will be working till 1am Thursday morning so I won't really feel like cooking
  • I have no idea where to buy an appropriately sized turkey for 2/3 people
  • Not cooking together reduces chances of squabbling by %45
  • We can each eat exactly what we want
  • Quite a few restaurants are open on Thanksgiving anyway and always have been
  • I will totally tip really well
  • Since we're already out we can probably go to my bar and get schwasted for free


  • But..but...tradition!!! (mama would be kinda displeased)
  • If I had to work on Thanksgiving I'd be pissed
  • Unethical capitalism?
  • If it's cold we have to go outside
  • Probably no leftovers at all (Thanksgiving leftovers are kinda the best)

What say you, GT? Is it ok to Thanksgiving in a restaurant? Are restaurants in NY usually open for the holidays (I don't think many places are in my hometown, but I'm from a place where things are sleepier and more conservative and you can't buy alcohol on Sundays so...) and is it generally ok to eat at them? Morally/ethically I mean?


Please do not rend. If you try to rend I dismiss.

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