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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey! So, I'm in charge of the Thanksgiving meal, aside from desserts. I haven't planned a goddamned thing. Isn't an issue, I can pull meals out of my ass. But I could use some commiseration/feedback/sharing. It's a small crowd, I think just 8 of us. And...my boyfriend is coming. Oh, didn't I share? My boyfriend and I are back together and he's coming for Thanksgiving! I am actually kind of excited about it, and curious to see how it all goes. Anyhow, onto the food....

  • Meat things. My uncle is doing the meat. Because he likes to cook meat. Like a man. He's deep frying the turkey (yes, we're that family), so my first question is...how the fuck do I make gravy without turkey drippings?
  • Mashed potatoes. MPs are the best thing about Thanksgiving. They are the best thing about any meal they are in, in fact. I've got this fairly nailed down—I do a mix of russets and Yukons, and lots of fatty dairy. I usually make them ahead, dump them in a cast iron pot and heat them in the oven. BUT, I heard on America's Test Kitchen that I should not do this. I should not let them cool down and reheat. Because of gluten, or something. So, they recommended keeping them in a slow cooker. Have any of you done this? Can you still do the night before?
  • I am all about making or prepping as much as possible beforehand.
  • Mulled wine. So, I always buy mulling spices and dump a big jug of cider into a pot, and let it fester. I like the smell. We never drink it. My boyfriend actually likes mulled wine. Any tips for making this? What kind of wine is best? Is it like sangria where you can get away with a cheaper wine? I've already gotten him a few bottles of Pinot Noir but they are more expensive so I don't want to waste them on mulled wine, if possible. And I don't know if that's the best wine for it or if needs a meatier wine.
  • Stuffing. I always make some variation of the same stuffing. Always with mushrooms and some kind of nut. I could go for a new awesome can't beat it stuffing recipe.
  • Greens. Gah....I'm being lazy. I think I might just roast some brussels sprouts and/or cauliflower. I love green beans but I don't like them roasted, I like them pan fried and al dente and I don't want to cook anything right before the meal. I would love to hear of any dishes that can be baked/roasted but are not loaded down with cheese and shit.
  • Sauces and chutneys. I always experiment with these and no one ever eats them. So, fuck it. Not this year.
  • Breads. I buy breads. Because making bread is hard. But, I could be convinced....
  • Salad? Anyone? Bueller?
  • Nibbles and appetizers. This is usually my favorite but I really have no clue this year. I might just buy some nice cheeses. Nuts, etc. I could use ideas here too.

Am I missing anything?? HELP ME NOW!

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