So, I'm staying in my "home" of five years instead of going back to my old "home" for Thanksgiving. I want to know if there's any fun options for me!

The main reasons I'm not going up: Family drama, plane tickets being too expensive, and having three papers to do. Oddly enough, I'm happier working on papers more than sitting through drunken rants and being ignored by my family, because I'm a stranger to these people. They are strangers to me.

My plan so far is to stock up on booze and work on afore mentioned papers. That's about it.

So, any ideas about what to do? I don't really do "Frinds-giving", but I may have one fellow "orphan" who could chill with me. Also, don't really want to crash a friends Thanksgiving. And since I can't cook and have doubts about my oven, that's kinda out of the picture.

So, what can I do? And has anyone else been in this situation? May not be able to get back until this afternoon, because school. Ugh. Too cold to be educated today.