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Thanksgiving Post!

It’s almost here! What are your Thanksgiving plans/traditions big or small?

My family doesn’t usually travel to see each other during the holidays since my sisters can’t get the time off work. I’m lucky that I work freelance so I just don’t work this week.


Anyway, we always do a Thanksgiving Family Call and we all chat for about an hour about whatever is going on with us. Then my mom and I either go to a movie or do some other activity. This year my mom surprised me with tickets to do a VIP Tour of Universal Studios. We do it once a year and haven’t done it yet this year so I’m jazzed. She snagged the last two tickets for the time we want!

After our Thanksgiving activity we go to our old standby, Sizzler. My mom didn’t always have the time or the money to cook a big dinner when we were kids so we went to the relatively cheap restaurant so other people could do the cooking and my mom could chill out for a bit. Now we go for nostalgia and you know...neither of us want to bother with cooking. The last few years we’ve gotten the same server every time and we give her a huge tip to hopefully make up for the fact that she’s working Thanksgiving. It’s not the best food in town, but it’s decent and we go cause it’s tradition :)

What are y’all doing this Thanksgiving?

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