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Thanksgiving venting thread

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Bumping this for afternoon drama! Also, an update to the SIL drama: She came down, chatted with us for a bit, then announced she'd be out of the house until four. MAJOR FUCKING LINEY FACE.


Starting this now, because some of us have drama that starts early.

It's already started, here. My SIL invited everyone down to Thanksgiving. Her parents took two days to drive down. My husband took a bunch of leave. I'm travelling the week before I start a new job.


She has been working every day until late in the evening. She gets up late, then rushes out of the house. She says she'll be home at 6, then calls and says it'll be 6:30, then finally shows up at eight. Every dinner reservation has been cancelled so far, because my MIL refuses to go out without her.

She also doesn't cook, so that's been left to her elderly mother. I pitched in when I realized my MIL was out of her depth. I'm peeved because I asked a dozen times what I could bring, but was told not to worry about it. It would have been easier to cook this in my kitchen and bring with me!


Also, because my SIL doesn't cook, her state-of-the-art kitchen has NO TOOLS. She has one mixing bowl. There are no spices. We were lucky she had salt. We keep having to run to the store for stupid shit. We have dropped a few hundred so far on things most people would have in their pantry.

And she was the one who insisted that she host Thanksgiving! Why not offer to host a NON-COOKING holiday? Why insist your parents stay with you for a week only to avoid them?


Thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday, and this year's has SUCKED.

Please make me feel less alone, GTer's. Give me your drama.

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