So Thanksgiving with the Annoying Inlaws wasn't that bad this year, but there were a few laughable moments:

As you may recall, ABiL was bent out of shape because they could not possibly make a dessert and potatoes for Thanksgiving, because they are just too busy (Nevermind that OSiL was doing the a Turkey and stuffing, and she is working full time, going to school part time and has two kids, apparently potatoes and a dessert is two much to ask of two people working part time, with 1 kid)

I was given to understand he had dropped dessert in favour of bringing a starch so I made a plum kuchen on top of the loaf of bread and squash dish I was making.

Anyways, turns out I misunderstood. ABiL made an apple crisp, and then for their starch they brought a bag of brown rice. Apparently ASiL when they got to my MiL's house, ASiL threw random amounts of water and rice into a pot, and then after 20 min announced "It should be done."

OSiL looked at the package and replied "The bag says 45 minutes."

ASiL said "Oh. I guess that's why it never turns out then."

Wait, what? You were asked to bring potatoes, but where just too busy, so you brought some plain brown rice that "never turns out right" when you cook it?


I didn't have any of the rice, because, OSiL made some roasted potatoes, but it looked mushy as hell from having had too much water in it.

The other eye rolling moment was when we handed out birthday gifts. The Annoying Inlaws, gave me my gift bag, and I was told my gift was in the box inside it, and the rest was some clothes that they had around the house that they thought might fit me.


In the box? A cheap replica of the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings. Just the ring, no chain. I have no idea what I am going to do with the thing. If I tried to wear it, I would probably have an allergic reaction to the nickel in it,

The other thing? A pair of size 20 Capri pants. I have never worn size 20 in my life. I wear 14s and 16s. The moment I pull them out of the bag, ASiL realizes they are way too big, and starts apologizing profusely.


Oh, and they gave Mr. I and OBiL t-shirts, as well. Only they gave them these huge XXL shirts. Mr. I is not a very tall man, and he could wear it as a mini dress.