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That 2 Day Fasting Diet Thing

[Republishing to Groupthink - Thanks, Celia!]

So, I don't believe in diets. The only diet that I've consciously put myself on (in college I kind of, in retrospect, was anorexic for half a year) was Weight Watchers. All things considered, WW wasn't a bad diet in the sense that it was about learning portion control without cutting out certain foods. But I didn't like the culture of the organization and gave up after the work-organized program ended.


However, I'm now at point where I do need to lose weight for health reasons and I need to do it soon. So, I'm flirting with that 2 day fasting diet fad that's a big hit in the UK (apparently - if the articles about it are true). I tried it for two weeks a couple of weeks back just to see if it was doable. It wasn't bad, but it was mostly because I get so wrapped up with work during the day that it's easy to forget to eat. My two challenges are: coming up with the two 250 calorie meals and night time. For the morning meal (which I at around 10am) I did two eggs with a little veggies cooked in and one piece of toast. The protein of the eggs keeps me sated until I get home at night around 7pm. My night time meals were a bit more varied: half a can of tuna in a whole wheat wrap or a Annie's frozen meal that's labeled at around 250 calories. It's tough in the evenings keeping myself from eating more than just that one little meal. BUT the thing that got me through is knowing that the next day I could have a normal (under 2,000 calories) day of eating. But I did and will continue (assuming I do commit to this diet) exercising on some (hopefully 3 days - I can write a whole big post just on my exercising issues) of those normal eating days.

So, this is all to say, has anyone else tried this diet? What are you thoughts?

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