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That "Aliens vs Heroes" TV Event on the CW

I think it’s been a while since I witnessed such a huge clusterfuck on TV and I’m still miffed I spent my precious time watching it.
The story itself was shit, the team chemistry was shit and I still don’t know what the fuck they were thinking with...everything that had to do with the aliens. It’s like they found the remains of a script Roland Emmerich used as toilet paper and went from there.
If you want to stage a huge event, you don’t need the second cousin thrice removed of Independance Day, you need a huge story that allows you to connect all the dots aka all the different shows and characters and create something coherent.

Supergirl is the only show I’m following, I abandoned Arrow around season 2 and was never really interested in The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow. Maybe that’s the problem? Or maybe this shouldn’t be a problem? You don’t do an event like that just to reach the folks being already into all those shows, you want “one show viewers” to get a glimpse of Arrow/Flash/... and they totally failed in that regard. It was a disconnected jumbled mess with a storyline that wanted to be big and epic and because of that was just dumb and laughable.
The moment everyone was in Last Standt mode and dramatic music was playing...that should’ve been a Wow moment. Instead I was so close to just stop watching, because I felt insulted, not taken seriously.

So I guess I won’t be checking out any new events if they cross to any other CW show, it feels like a pointless time waste. Which is a damn shame, because this kind of thing should be fun and entertaining considering what they have to offer.


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