A long time ago I expressed a wish and it's about damn time I make that wish come true.

I've been cleaning my house for Snack's visit with my crack team of housecleaners.

Today I announce the 1st (and maybe last) Annual Backtalk Diorama Contest!

Contest Begins NOW and submissions will be due on November 14th. Winners will be decided November 21st.



Submit a diorama, by photo to the November 14th November 28th Diorama Submission Post.

Diorama Materials : Any and all are okay

Diorama Subject: The diorama must be in one of three categories:

1. Any current or former Backtalk Theme of the Week (Snack also keeps track here, be sure you are picking a theme that happened and not a future idea)


2. Any Main page article subject matter, doing your best to convey, through the art of diorama, the story of the article.


3. Any BackTalk commenter's personality. Fair warning I will really scrutinize these ones, no phoning it in with a Barbie on a stack of pancakes or Barbie dressed as and Owl, get creative! (It can by any Backtalk commenter not just authors and mods)



So this now means there is a FOURTH separate category that is NOT part of the main contest, this is a bonus Shrayberfied contest. Though if you win this one Mark reserves the right to purchase your winning artwork!

There are PRIZES!

1st prize: Either a $25 Amazon gift card and your choice of a cheerfully handmade necklace or a decoupaged something, along with other surprises in a prize box mailed to your home. or If you don't want to share your address with me I will email you a $30 Amazon gift card.


2nd Prize: is a handmade something and various other small goodies mailed in a special prize envelope.

Okay back to cleaning for me :)