When you get a corset with the laces in the back so you can't adjust it yourself. Hmph.

The front is just bra-hooks (I feel like there is an actual term for those, is there?) and it laces up the back. The way it was laced it was WAY too small, so I was like "ok I have to make sure this fits ASAP otherwise I have to exchange it and get a new one in time for the 26th." So I proceeded with the most half-assed lace-up job in the world by lacing it up the front.

The good news? It fits fine once adjusted. The bad news is I had to eventually take the laces out again to get it off cuz I couldn't unhook all the hooks while they were on my back. And I really cannot do this myself and it upsets me. Queen Fluffybutt, you have a job to do later! I can't wait for that conversation...

"MOMMY! Help me lace up this overly sexy corset I'm wearing out in public on Halloween! DON'T JUDGE ME MOMMY I'M AN ADULT!"