Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

That Awkward Moment

When you're hit with overwhelming nausea so you're overtly nosy small office thinks you're pregnant. Than when you explain you're on the pill and the Geekboy has had a vasectomy, then you just look hungover especially after St. Patty's Day.

Also going on vacation when you live with someone doesn't mean you're coming home engaged. As everyone in my life seems to think. Though I was advised by Awful Coworker "Just stay engaged that way he'll have his commitment and you have an out if you need it". Um okay. Not going to judge though she's 70 and engaged for 5 years, probably because she was widowed with 3 kids when she was in her 30s. You do you, when you're not being fat shamey or racist.


NuKinja question: Are there greys anymore? Or is that the difference between highlights and all replys? Still super confused and been less GT involved in the last few days.

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