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Welcome To The Bitchery
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That Awkward Moment

Fourteen some-odd months of, "I don't own a car because environment/politics/geographically impractical beliefs about the role of public transportation in my life," has turned into, "Can you drive me to this thing without me offering to pay gas or time?"

Fourteen some-odd months of, "I don't have cable because environment/politics/judgey McJudgerson things about money, the quality of television programming in America, and your general existence as an uncultured lout," turns into, "Hey, can I borrow your cable provider login to watch a major sporting event?" Bonus points for asking on Facebook so that broken laws would be tied to both of our actual names.

I've got some granola ideas, but I live in the midwest and I like to think I'm practical about them. I don't mind hippies with more granola ideas, but I hate the ones that constantly shit on our geographical region because it can't sustain all the granola ideas.

I double fucking hate the ones who get condescending and judgmental about your life decisions and then ask to piggyback on those same decisions as it suits them.

Cable isn't looking like the bane of modern existence now that you want it, hmm?


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