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That Awkward Work Situation May Have Come to a Head

I’ve posted before about a coworker with anxiety that’s so bad I literally had to go alert my boss about her slurring her way through a meeting with a Project Manager. Well... she is now “out until further notice.”


Through the grapevine, yesterday our mutual grandboss* apparently said she seems like she’s on something”. And late yesterday I intercepted a call from HR for grandboss (ahhh, rollover phones!) and I’m guessing it was about that.




We are so short staffed and I hope colleague is going to be okay and will eventually be back. If anyone needs me, I’ll be at my desk b/c I just got assigned a bunch of her workload.


Deep breaths...

*I kinda hate this term but if it’s good enough for Ask A Manager, it’s good enough for me.

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