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That Dad who put his 10 year old "on blast" is an idiot.

Note that I'm not implying he doesn't love his daughter, that he didn't have good intentions originally (I take this back, he didn't have good intentions), or that what she was doing to merit the punishment in the first place wasn't wrong.

What I'm saying is that this parent decided he was going to punish his 10 year old daughter by putting her FACE* all over social media expressly to shame her. He turned his daughter into a viral laughingstock on purpose.


What's idiotic about this?

This father wanted his daughter to respect the fact that her age (10) she should not be on social media without his approval for everyone to see because it's unsafe. She could fall victim to predators, and as a kid she doesn't have the good judgement to refrain from posting things that could negatively impact her life as an adult. So what did he do? He did it for her. He put her out there, vulnerable, for everyone to see. He created one of the worst case scenarios his rules were protecting her from. That's an idiot move, Bad Dad.


The daughter has an excuse. Her excuse is SHE'S TEN FOR CHRISSAKE. The father? What's his excuse? I'm sure he never intended his misbegotten punishment to go viral, but in the age of The Internet this shit happens all the time and he should have used some common sense. In this case, his lack of common sense (plus possible misunderstanding of the internet at large) has hurt his daughter in ways he honestly can't yet imagine.

I was just discussing how sensitive kids are and how childhood wounds affect people's entire lives before I saw this article. This girl is being laughed at by hundreds of thousands of people. Can you imagine that as a ten year old? I was personally laughed at by around 10 people at ten, and their nastiness—mean girls!—has stayed with me my entire life.


I'm now a completely functional adult in a wonderful marriage, living in a house I enjoy and doing a job I fucking adore, but I remember without too much trouble exactly how much things hurt when I was young and sensitive. People who pretend that the things that hurt in childhood don't stick are liars, either to others, to themselves, or both.

This father put his daughter "on blast" and he should be fucking ashamed.

*Yes he includes her face, the article by Hillary very thoughtfully does not. (But it does include a link to the image with her face.)

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