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That date could NOT have gone better.

You guys. All my closest friends are out of town (one in SD, one vacationing with her boyfriend on the other side of the state, and one is in motherfucking Turkey). It's like the perfect storm because I am BURSTING with good feels over the date I went on Thursday. So I'm bout to spill some all over GT.

So two years ago, I was on okc, and I message this hot fellow. He turned out to be unavailable at the time (he's polyamorous and had too full a dance card), but we message back and forth a bit. I meet my now ex, fast-forward two years to the breakup, I take ya'lls excellent advice and get back in the saddle, fire up the okc, and hot fellow messages me within 48 hours. He's still hot, still awesome, still wants to meet me.

Basically, I had the shit romanced out of me. We had dinner, went to a salsa night, talked comic books, then went back to my place, where he paid homage to my body until 5 in the fucking morning—without even having sex! (We hadn't gotten around to the safety discussion). It was so damn good. And he went out in the morning and brought breakfast back to me. And he has a girlfriend he's already seeing regularly, so while our desire to get a good thing started is mutual, there is no pressure of suddenly being someone else's everything again. Which I am soooo not ready for. I want to enjoy myself, dammit! And right now, you better fucking believe I am.

While we're on the subject of polyamory, anyone have any stories? People you know? I think it might be the right thing for me. Ideally, I do want to find someone to marry/live with/love 4ever, but I would prefer that someone to be all "get it, gurl!" whenever I fancy a safe fling with someone else. Not all the damn time, of course. Just occasionally.

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