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From the ridiculous fat-shamey Cronuts article:


People are waiting for hours in line for these shits. No one can find time to exercise — OH NO OUR MODERN LIVES ARE TOO BIZ-ZAY for EXERCISE — but we can find time to exit the Type II Diabetes Expressway and hoist our inactive asses out of our Memory Foam mattresses at 6 am so we can play Soviet Union with a bunch of self-proclaimed foodies outside of the Dominique Ansel bakery.

I'd like to add a hearty "Fuck YOU" to this fat-shaming snobbery. You know what I've noticed? The people lining up for cronuts are not typically morbidly obese people struggling to pay their rent. It's rich, thin hipsters and trendy career girls in their 20s. (Like the author?) Just like how a few years ago, the girls who would swan out of Cupcakes on Robson with a 6-pack of their gross, cheap sugar-dough looked more like Blake Lively than Melissa McCarthy.

Part of these "sugar junk food made gourmet" crazes are letting rich, thin 20-somethings feel hip and smug about eating the food of "the poors" made better.


The kind of people who legitimately cannot find the time to exercise because they're working two jobs and aren't able to buy healthy food are NOT lining up at 6am to buy fucking cronuts. Step outside of your prejudice and actually have a look around. Like, say, at that link YOU provided of the thin hip 20-somethings standing in line for cronuts.

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